Unit 2: Twitter, Facebook and Skype

I have already been using twitter, facebook and skype.


I have been using twitter for almost a year. It took me a while to see the value of it but I am now 100% behind it. I have been developing my PLN and now follow a range of educators and people supporting education. I find I am spending lots of time reading blogs and learning new things everyday that I can try with my class or use in my ICT leader role. I also have people who follow me that are supporting me in getting my own class blog up and running by commenting on my blog or simple retweeting me initial tweet.


I have used facebook on a social level and have ‘liked’ a few education pages. I like the idea of creating a professional account so that it can be completely separate from my social page and I can also keep track of educational pages.


I have used skype for years as a tool to connect with friends. I use it mainly to speak with friends overseas as it is a free way to catch up. I would love to use skype in my teaching and make connections with other classes from around Australia or the world. This is one of my goals for this year!

One thought on “Unit 2: Twitter, Facebook and Skype

  1. A class at my previous school had a “sister class” in England that they Skyped with. They were sharing cultural differences and some other things that enhanced their inquiry units.

    They began with simple e-mails and arranged to have a couple of skype sessions; one was an evening session here for us and I’m pretty sure that they returned the favour the next time.

    Was a big hit with the kids and the parents were mightily impressed too.

    You should do it!!

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