Archive | June 2011

Unit 5: Digital Citizenship

How much responsibility do educators have in addressing the issues that are arising with regards to technology?

Educators have a huge responsibility to prepare students to use web2.0 tools and social media. We have to model safe ways that we can use these resources and provide clear guidelines for acceptable use at school. After starting a class blog I have found that the amount of time I spend talking about cyber safety/responsibility in my class has risen dramatically.  I teach year 1/2’s and they are beginning to use some of the language necessary for understanding how to be ‘safe’ and we have rules that they must follow. It is amazing how much children as young as 6-8 can understand. Through the blog some of my students have also started these conversations with their parents. I think parents also need to accept some of the responsibility for teaching their children how to be safe. It needs to be a partnership between home and school and cannot be left for the school to deal with alone.

Are schools and educators capable of dealing with the changing nature of student technology usage?

Schools still have a long way to go in regards to dealing with the nature of students technology usage. I think that if schools are committed to engaging students and preparing them for a contemporary world then we must be capable of dealing with it. I do agree with Will Richardson’s post (Teach.Facebook.Now) that we need to teach students how to use social media safely. In primary schools I think it should be done by using moderated sites such as nings and then in secondary schools perhaps using facebook. I think it is essential that students gain an understanding of their digital footprint and how they can protect themselves.