Unit 8: Professional Learning


I have only just discovered EdTechCrew. This looks like a great place to find out more about technology in education. I really like that it contains podcasts so I can listen to the pd rather than always having to read everything. Its great to have multi-modal ways of learning.


Screencasting is something I have seen many times on other people’s blogs but have never known how to do myself. I think this is an extremely valuable tool. The times I have seen it used on other blogs, it has been really useful. I have learnt how to do many things by viewing screencasts. Screenr is a tool that you can use to create screencasts. I am only just learning how to use it but I love the fact that it is free and really easy to use. I will have to try and use the site with a purpose, maybe I could make a screencast to show my students how to use a particular tool. I might even be able to use the tool with the students and have them create screencasts for their peers.

21st Century Learning

Wow… the video: RSA animate Sir Ken Robinson talk: ‘Changing Education Paradigms’ is inspiring. It makes me want to rethink everything I do and make sure that I help my students explore and develop their divergent thinking skills everyday. I love the way Sir Ken describes the increase in ADHD and the idea that we are sedating students instead of waking them up. The idea of contemporary learning and teaching students to live in today’s world – not the world we grew up in excites me. This is why I teach, not just to teach students to read and write but to help them prepare for life in the real world – today’s world, or should I say the future!

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