30 Goals Challenge 2012

The 30 Goals Challenge is back for 2012 and I have decided to try and complete all 30 goals. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the time frame of two goals per week but I will attempt to.

The first goal is to create a “Me Manifesto”. A manifesto is a declaration of principles and intentions. The idea is to publicly declare your ideals about teaching and learning. I decided to create a Glog (my very first attempt at Glogster) to depict my “Me Manifesto”.

5 thoughts on “30 Goals Challenge 2012

  1. I SO love how you shared your ME Manifesto. It’s adorable, thoughtful and engaging. I did a video last night, but now I’m thinking that I’m going to get more creative! My ME Manifesto is to follow the One Little Word http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/onelittleword.php course. AND use this to drive my work as an educational consultant. I choose my word for 2012 and it’s CREATE!Best to you on this 30Goals journey.:)

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. One Little Word sounds like a great course. I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

    Good luck to you too with the 30 goals challenge!


  3. Thank you for this beautiful Manifesto! It is so lovely it could be a poster on a classroom wall. I like how you worded for students and what you want from them. I’ve been thinking along these lines for my Me Manifesto as well.

  4. Awesome! I wanted to try a glog too, but I went for the animoto instead. I think yours is more complete! Thanks for sharing!

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