Goal 9: Teaching Ourselves and Them to Overcome

Goal 9 asks us to share a lesson or idea that has helped students to overcome negativitiy.

Reflection Rocks

Reflection rocks are something that I first saw on Laura Candler’s Blog. I found the post by chance at a time when a number of my students were feeling very negative about themselves. I knew that I needed to help my students feel positive and these rocks seemed like a great place to start. I found the website where you can purchase happy thought rocks: We Originals, but I wasn’t sure if they could ship them internationally.

I decided to try and make my own reflection rocks. I collected some rocks from the backyard and bought the paint I would need. It did take a little bit of time but I was really happy with the results.

I placed the finished reflection rocks into a special box and they are now kept on our class prayer table.

We use them for morning prayer and part of meditation. Each student takes a rock and holds onto it during meditation. They silently tell the rocks some good thoughts and the idea is that each good though the rocks are told helps keep them smiling. It is a lovely way to start the day and the students love sharing some of their good thoughts with the class.


3 thoughts on “Goal 9: Teaching Ourselves and Them to Overcome

  1. Hi Aimee

    I love the photos of the steps to show the way you transformed your rocks into Happy Thought Rocks. They look fabulous!

    I really like the idea of giving your rock happy thoughts to keep it smiling. It’s great that you also encourage your students to share their happy thoughts with each other. It’s a very positive way for your class to start their day by focusing on the positive.

    Have a great week…

    Kim 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I am the artist that originally started the real Happy Thought Rocks you found on Laura’s web site. I am flattered that you are encouraging good thought to your students thru my idea. Please don’t try selling them as I have a patent on Happy Thought Rocks. I’m OK with you and others painting your own ,but maybe you could use a different name for the rocks.
    If you and others would like to order the originals you can do so through http://www.weoriginals.com
    Thanks, TheRockMan

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