Goal 11: Feel the Weight of Your Impact

Goal 11 is going to be a shorter entry. We are asked to work out how many students we have taught in order to feel the weight of our impact. I worked out that over 7 years of teaching I have taught approximately 180 students. I have also taught quite a few students twice, but I haven’t compensated for this in the total number as I like to think I have have had twice the impact ūüėČ

This task has made me realise that over such a short time I have had the opportunity to work with a large number of students. I  am thankful for all the experiences these students have given me and I hope that I have made a difference to their lives.

I am looking forward to beginning the school year and getting to know my next 25 students. I hope we can have a fabulous year together with lots of great learning and reflecting.


2 thoughts on “Goal 11: Feel the Weight of Your Impact

  1. Hi Aimee.
    I know you would have had a huge impact on all the students lucky enough to be in your care. Sometimes when we have students more than one year, I think the impact is more than double as the kids hit the ground running at the start of the year and can really fly in their learning and development.
    Also enjoyed reading about the curation tools you use. Will have to investigate Mr Reader – that one is new to me!

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