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I have joined another online course. This one is called Creative Commons for K-12 Educators and is run by P2PU which stands for Peer to Peer University. I have had a lot more success with this course compared to some of the other MOOC’s I have signed up for. The other MOOCS have not been user friendly for Australian time zones and I don’t think my heart was really in them. This meant I dropped out fairly early on and missed out on fully appreciating MOOC’s.

I had been wanting to learn more about Copyright and Creative Commons so when the opportunity to do this free course came up I thought I’d give online learning another go.  This course has been structured in a really simple way with each week’s lessons set out concisely with clear expectations for each task.

Last week we were introduced to Creative Commons and this week’s task involved teaching my class about what I have learned so far. I told my students that I was doing this course and that part of it required me to teach them about it. I also told them why I was doing the course and how important it is that they know what Creative Commons is. My students thought it was great that I am still learning just like they are and wanted to help me do the course.

I hope that I can gain a good understanding of Creative Commons and use this knowledge to teach both my students and the staff at my school.

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  1. I’m glad you think the course is well organized! I look forward to your feedback on how to improve the course at the end. I’ll probably send out a survey for all participants to take for this purpose.

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