Teach Someone Something With Open Content

Creative Commons
“Image used courtesy of Flickr’s jorgeandresem”

I am getting a head start on the Creative Commons for K-12 Educators course this week as I am on holidays. Week 3’s task asks us to find some content on a topic of our choice that is licensed under Creative Commons. I decided to find content on Creative Commons as I want to be able to teach my class and the staff at my school more about it.

Below is a Linkroll from Diigo with the links I have found so far. I have also made annotations in my Diigo account that highlight the Creative Commons license for each site.

Do you have any resources on Creative Commons that could be shared?

2 thoughts on “Teach Someone Something With Open Content

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  2. This is a hefty list of resources! I’m curious – how did you run your searches? eg. did you use Google advanced search? Or other search tools?

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