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Throughout Week 3 of the Creative Commons for K-12 Educators course I have been searching for content that I can use to teach my Year 3/4’s and the staff at my school about Creative Commons. You can see the content I found in my previous blog post.

Did you find what you were looking for?

 To begin with I used the suggested sites to search for resouces. These included:



OER Commons


I found these to be very useful and easy to use.  I had used most of them before but without specifically narrowing the search options to only show Creative Commons licensed work. I had never used OER Commons before and found this to be a useful site. I think I will be going back to that site in the future to look for resources. I also used You Tube to search for videos. I found this quite useful as you can narrow the search to only include work licensed under Creative Commons.

I found quite a few resources but would like to keep searching for more. I would like to find some videos that are suitable for students to view. It has been difficult to find any videos that sum up Creative Commons in a simple way for kids. I am thinking that a project for my class could be to make their own videos that explains Creative Commons simply.

How did you know if you could use it or not?

In most cases it was easy to identify the terms of use. Most sites had a Creative Commons license and I was able to check that license to see how I am allowed to use it. You can read more about these licenses here.

 Share what worked and what didn’t for you.

I found searching for Creative Commons work easier than I had expected. I think that from now on I will use this feature more often and I will be encouraging my students to do the same. I also tapped into my PLN to find more resources. A few people sent me links to their Diigo accounts and I discovered more sites through that. There wasn’t really anything that didn’t work for me.

One thought on “Searching for Online Content Using CC

  1. Never mind about my previous comment on what you used to search – as you answered it here!

    For more CC videos, see Perhaps some of those are more kid friendly?

    I’m glad you are having a good experience searching for CC licensed resources so far!

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