Module 5

In this module we are exploring different web 2.0 tools that can be used for creating and communicating.

The first was, a mind mapping tool. I like this tool as it provides simple tools to create mind maps that can be saved and edited as well as finally saved as .jpeg or .png files. Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm ideas and reflect on a lot of information. I created a quick to get my mind around all the areas covered so far in this course.

The next tool we looked at was Glogster. I have used Glogster before when completing a 30 goals challenge to reflect on my teaching. I found it a useful tool but haven’t used it with my class yet. I hope to look into getting a subscription so that I can link my class to my account and have them complete Glogster projects.

The final tool for this module was Prezi. I am not a huge fan of Prezi as I find it can make me feel a little dizzy. I know lots of people who have commented that they feel slightly ill when viewing Prezi’s so I have for the most part avoided using it. Another reason I have avoided it is because my students are aged under 13 and are not allowed to use it. I like that it is a different tool for presenting rather than always falling back to PowerPoint.


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