Module 7

Module 7 explored social bookmarking in particular Diigo and Delicious. I have been using Diigo for a few years now and find it a fantastic way to store my bookmarks. I love that I can access my bookmarks from any device and that I can tag them to help keep me organised. I also like that I can create a selection of bookmarks and share them with others. I use Diigo to store my classes bookmarks and then I embed them into our Weebly. This makes it very easy to add another link to our Weebly. I recommend Diigo to anyone who wants to keep track of their bookmarks and share them with others.

2 thoughts on “Module 7

  1. Hi Aimee,
    I love your passion and enthusiasm for Diigo and the ways that you use this tool. I am hoping that by doing this course and using the tools I can see their advantages and develop more confidence in using technology.

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