Module 9

Module 9 is probably the module I wanted the staff at my school to benefit from the most. I think the benefits of social networking on a professional level are huge and they have dramatically improved my teaching and learning.

1. Second Life

Second Life is a site I was not familiar with. It is something that I would like to explore further, but I am not sure whether it would be useful for primary grades. It seems aimed towards an older audience. I think I will probably continue to focus on developing my school’s use of Minecraft over Second Life.

2. Facebook

I use Facebook for mainly personal purposes. I like to keep my account limited to real friends and family, however I do “like” some educational pages that provide resources I can use.

3. Twitter

I love Twitter! It is my favourite social networking tool for professional learning. I have gained so much since I joined Twitter in 2010. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Connecting with other educators to discuss learning and teaching and challenge my thinking.
  • Participating in Twitter chats using hashtags such as #ozprimschchat, #globalclassroom and #teacherwellbeingchat.
  • Connecting my blogs with people from all around the world.
  • Organising time to collaborate and connect my class with other classes around the world.
  • Using Twitter to promote #TMMelb the teach meet community in Melbourne.
  • Hearing about current educational trends.

4. Linked In

I used to have a Linked In account but I didn’t really see the benefit in having it. I actually closed my account down after Linked In was hacked last year.

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