#etmooc Introduction

As part of the #etmooc course which is starting tomorrow we have been asked to introduce ourselves. The idea was to make a visual introduction and publish it on our blogs. I have made a Toontastic story as a way of telling you a little bit about myself. I wanted to use a creative tool that I hadn’t used before. I am hoping that Toontastic will be a fantastic tool for my class to explore further this year.



Next week #etmooc begins! I am looking forward to joining in my first MOOC – Massive Open Online Course. Etmooc will be covering a range of topics, including: connected learning, digital story telling, digital literacy, the open movement and digital citizenship. You can find more by visiting the etmooc website here. It is not too late to sign up! I will be posting about my experiences on my blog using the category and tag #etmooc. I will also be tweeting during the course using #etmooc.