Module 1

I am completing an online web 2.0 course run by the Catholic Education Office. It runs for 20 weeks and covers 10 modules. I hope that I can support the staff and my school with this course and learn a few things along the way.

In Module One we were asked to explore what web 2.0 is and look at some web 2.0 tools. I already have a good understanding of web 2.0 and use a lot of the tools listed. I liked the overview and that there were videos to watch rather than huge amounts of text.

There are nine staff from my school completing the course. As the ICT leader in the school I am trying to assist everyone with the course. In this module I helped everyone sign up for a Google account. We set up Google Chrome and Google +. We enjoyed using Google + and have set up a community for our group called HF Tekkie Brekkies. We used Tekkie Brekkies in the name as we meet in the mornings twice a week to work on the course. I think Google + will be a great tool for us to share our learning. I hope that the staff I am working with will be able to see the value of social media as a tool for professional learning.