Claco – A Tool For Organising Resources

I recently discovered the website Claco which is a site that allows you to make binders that can store websites, embed code and files that you upload. You can also create folders within the binders to help sort out the resources. The site is still in Beta and you need an invitation to join but you can request an invitation and it only takes a few days to come through.

I have only created one binder so far, a collection of the resources I will use for our upcoming Inquiry unit on “How does where we live impact on our lifestyles?” I am using Claco to store everything I will need for the unit. I have broken the binder up into folders that match the parts of Inquiry. For example I have a Tuning In folder where I have put PowerPoint presentations about the visit from the students from Balgo WA that are coming to see us on Monday and photos of people and places from around the world to spark discussion. I’ve also created a folder for Finding and Sorting Out where I have started to gather resources that we will use for that part of the Inquiry. I will continue to add folders for each part of the Inquiry and hope to gather lots of resources for each folder.

The thing that I like the most about Claco is that I can upload my own files. This means that as we go through the unit and I create documents or presentations that we will be using I can store them in the same place as I will store the websites we will use. The ability to create and store a unit of work really appeals to me.

Hopefully as the term goes on I will begin to create other binders for different units of work. I am looking forward to sharing my binder with the other teachers in the level and testing out the power of Claco for sharing and collaboration.

The Instant Nature of Twitter

I just thought I would share with you an experience I had this evening with Twitter.

I was exploring Global 2 and thinking about changing my current class blog over from Blogger to Global 2 (which I have now started doing) to allow me to focus on one blogging provider. I realised that I wanted to add a widget that I had previously used on Blogger, but I didn’t know how to do it on Global 2. I thought that I would try asking my friends on Twitter and #VicPLN. Within three minutes I had a response telling me what to do! Another seven minutes later and I had another response! I couldn’t believe how fast I had the answers right there in front of me. All up it took me around about ten minutes to pose the question and add the widget! I even received an @ mention remarking that I had worked out the problem very quickly, to which I responded – “twitter helped me quickly”.

This is just one of the benefits of Twitter that I am discovering each day!

Happy Tweeting!!