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1/2GB’s Experience of Blogging

Yesterday was an exciting day in my 1/2 class. We changed our class blog over from blogger to global 2 and became reinvigorated. We put two posts up yesterday about our inquiry topic, sound. One was just a list of all the facts that we had learned so far and the other was some photos of us making string phones! About 1/2 an hour after posting the first post we had already received a comment. This made the students even more excited to be using our blog again. I also learned how to record sound and post it on our blog using Audioboo http://audioboo.fm/ I record the sound on my iphone and then it gets uploaded to my Audioboo account. Through this account I can access html code for each sound file that can then be added to our blog. We have started recording secret sounds that are going to be posted on our blog next week. The students were over the moon that they could put their voices on our blog and I have some students who are now very excited for school on Monday.

Yesterdays experience reminded me that it is so important to regularly update a blog. I had got so caught up with everything else that I had let a lot of time pass in between class blog posts. The excitement and enthusiasm that something as simple as a list of facts could bring to my class has made me decide to make a much bigger effort to update our blog. I am hoping to go from posting every now and then to weekly. Fingers crossed I can keep up with my goal!