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Unit 3: Diigo and Wiki’s


I have been using Diigo for a while now, ever since the rumours of the Delicious takeover became more serious. I transferred all of my bookmarks from Delicious over to Diigo and haven’t looked back. I find Diigo is extremely useful for storing and sorting bookmarks. I use it to store professional bookmarks for education and also social bookmarks. I hadn’t really started following anyone or any groups. I like this feature and have started adding to ‘my groups’ now. I really need to take advantage of the social aspect of the bookmarking site. I have really only used it to store my own bookmarks. I used to follow a few people in Delicious and found it very useful.


I have heard about Wiki’s in the past but never found them that useful, although I am sure I haven’t fully understood their potential. I think having Myclasses (a SINA based site to store websites for the students) and blogs the need for a wiki wasn’t really there. I think Wiki’s would be a useful place to store information for students to use. They could easily access all the information they need for a particular area – EG) a literacy or numeracy page. However I think at this stage Myclasses does a very similar job and doesn’t have all the hassle involved in setting up a wiki. I do like how Wiki’s can be more collaborative than Myclasses. The idea of storing documents that can be worked on and saved is appealing. I also like the idea of giving each student their own page. This would be good for encouraging students to use sites and tools that are suitable for their particular needs.

In summary, I love Diigo and will have to look further into the idea of having a wiki for my class!