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Unit 6: Animoto, Timeglider, Slideshare

Well I’ve finally found some time to start getting back on track with the VicPLN program. So here goes…

This time I’ve been exploring the website called Animoto (my first attempt at hyperlinking in a blog :)). It looks fantastic. It’s a great website that allows you to make videos using images, videos and audio. I love how there are preset choices that makes it a lot easier to get a great look. I think one of the harder things for me is that I don’t feel like I can use many of the tools I learn about without connecting it back to my classroom. I am not really at the stage where I would use Animoto for my own personal use or for something that I would put on this blog. I really only use the tools with my students to publicise their work on our class blog. As it is holidays I really need to wait until we are back at school next week to give it a proper go. I will definitely make it a priority to try out Animoto in the coming weeks on my class blog.

Another great tool is Timeglider. This tool allows you to make a time line that presents information in an interactive way. It looks great. It would be very useful for students presenting information for projects.

Slideshare is a tool I use regularly for posting thing on my class blog. I love that it is quick and easy to upload files to share on the web. I use it to create slideshows of work samples and photos when my students have completed an interesting task. Another website I use is Kizoa. It is very quick and I can publish slideshows on my class blog in a matter of a couple of minutes. This is great when you are trying to post something the students have just done and only have limited time.