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The Instant Nature of Twitter

I just thought I would share with you an experience I had this evening with Twitter.

I was exploring Global 2 and thinking about changing my current class blog over from Blogger to Global 2 (which I have now started doing) to allow me to focus on one blogging provider. I realised that I wanted to add a widget that I had previously used on Blogger, but I didn’t know how to do it on Global 2. I thought that I would try asking my friends on Twitter and #VicPLN. Within three minutes I had a response telling me what to do! Another seven minutes later and I had another response! I couldn’t believe how fast I had the answers right there in front of me. All up it took me around about ten minutes to pose the question and add the widget! I even received an @ mention remarking that I had worked out the problem very quickly, to which I responded – “twitter helped me quickly”.

This is just one of the benefits of Twitter that I am discovering each day!

Happy Tweeting!!

Unit 2: Twitter, Facebook and Skype

I have already been using twitter, facebook and skype.


I have been using twitter for almost a year. It took me a while to see the value of it but I am now 100% behind it. I have been developing my PLN and now follow a range of educators and people supporting education. I find I am spending lots of time reading blogs and learning new things everyday that I can try with my class or use in my ICT leader role. I also have people who follow me that are supporting me in getting my own class blog up and running by commenting on my blog or simple retweeting me initial tweet.


I have used facebook on a social level and have ‘liked’ a few education pages. I like the idea of creating a professional account so that it can be completely separate from my social page and I can also keep track of educational pages.


I have used skype for years as a tool to connect with friends. I use it mainly to speak with friends overseas as it is a free way to catch up. I would love to use skype in my teaching and make connections with other classes from around Australia or the world. This is one of my goals for this year!